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"For years I've heard from nonprofits around the world of their interest to support and protect the environment. Because they did not perceive themselves to be experts, it was unclear what they could do to make a difference and still run a successful nonprofit/NGO. Today, GreenNonprofits, Inc. provides that answer; provides that path for every nonprofit around the world to make significant changes that when combined together will create a powerful force for the greening of this industry."

- Ted Hart, CEO

GreenNonprofits was founded to be an accessible source of information about greening your nonprofit workplace, and to be a desktop tool for any nonprofit to become green[er].

As people and corporations around the world become more "green" they in turn expect the nonprofits they support to also take proactive steps to protect the environment. GreenNonprofits will lead the way in helping Nonprofits/NGOs around the world meet this challenge.


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Mark Fasciano, Chairman/Director

Mark Fasciano

Mark Fasciano Mark started Karma411, a social networking site that raises money for nonprofits, with his business partner John Murcott in 2007. Mark brings together his expertise in Web 2.0 technology with his entrepreneurial experience as founder and CEO of FatWire Software for 10 years to help Karma411 members "connect to a cause". He was the Keynote Speaker at the Long Island Venture Capital Alliance Forum in 2007 to describe his experience funding Karma411.

Mark started FatWire Software in 1996 and grew the company to 140 employees in 9 countries around the world with $28 million in sales. He won customers such as Ford Motor Company and GM, JP Morgan Chase, Best Buy, and the New York Times. He originally helped build the early versions of FatWire's first Content Management system, but as CEO has focused primarily on the strategic business, including raising $32 million in venture capital.

In 2003, Mark led the acquisition of the Content Management (Open Market) business from Divine.

Articles about Mark and his work have been published in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Long Island Business News, USA Today, as well as a number of software trade magazines. In 2000, he won Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year award. He sits on the board of LISTNet, and is a member of the Long Island chapter of YPO.

Mark graduated from Cornell University with degrees in English and Computer Science, and received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Chicago. His doctoral thesis from the AI Lab at Chicago described a system for planning and acting in real-time, uncertain worlds.

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Ted Hart, CEO/President/Director

Ted Hart

Ted Hart is founder and CEO of the new international nonprofit environmental movement called GreenNonprofits (http://greennonprofits.org), dedicated to helping nonprofits and NGOs around the world to learn how to become part of the much needed global environmental solution.

He is also considered one of the foremost experts in ePhilanthropy around the world, having founded the ePhilanthropy Foundation and served as its President/CEO for seven years.  

He is sought after internationally as an inspirational and practical speaker and consultant on topics related to nonprofit strategy both online and offline.

Hart serves as CEO of Hart Philanthropic Services, (http://tedhart.com) an international consultancy to nonprofits/NGOs, providing serious solutions to nonprofit challenges both online and offline. He is also Founder of the international ePhilanthropy Foundation (http://www.ephilanthropy.org), the global leader in providing training to charities for the ethical and efficient use of the Internet for philanthropic purposes through education and advocacy.

Hart has served as CEO of the University Maryland Medical System Foundation, and before that as Chief Development Officer for Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

He has been certified as an Advanced Certified Fund Raising Executive (ACFRE) by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and an ePhilanthropy Master Trainer (ePMT) by the ePhilanthropy Foundation. He has presented more than 20 workshop, at international fund raising conferences hosted by AFP since 1990. Hart has served on the AFP International Board of Directors, prior to that he served as the AFP Foundation Board Treasurer. He is Immediate Past President of the AFP-Maryland Chapter.  Hart was chosen to attend the 1996 Executive Leadership Institute (ELI), and in 2000 the Faculty Training Academy.

Hart is author to several published articles, an editor and author of the books, "Major Donors - Finding Big Gifts In Your Database and Online", "Nonprofit Internet Strategies Best Practices for Marketing, Communications and Fundraising Success", Fundraising On The Internet: The ePhilanthropyFoundation.Org's Guide To Success Online, a contributing author to Achieving Excellence in Fund Raising Second Edition and his new book People to People Fundraising: Social Networking and Web 2.0 for Charities has recently been released. He has also served as an adjunct faculty member to the Master of Science in Fundraising Management program at Columbia University (NYC).

He resides in the Washington DC and NYC areas.

He lives with his daughter Sarah Grace and son Alexander Michael.

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Steve Culbertson, Treasurer/Director

Steve Culbertson

Steve Culbertson Steve is President and Chief Executive Officer of Youth Service America, an international nonprofit resource center that partners with thousands of organizations committed to increasing the quality and quantity of volunteer opportunities for young people, ages 5-25, to serve locally, nationally, and globally. For two years in a row, the Nonprofit Times named him to its list of "The 50 most powerful and influential leaders" in the sector, saying, "Culbertson has helped to position volunteering and young people as an issue and a national priority."

Founded in 1986, Youth Service America's mission is to expand the impact of the youth service movement with communities, schools, corporations, and governments. Youth Service America envisions a global culture of engaged youth who are committed to a lifetime of service, learning, leadership and achievement. With the support of the State Farm Companies Foundation and PARADE Magazine, Youth Service America organizes National & Global Youth Service Day, a public education campaign to highlight the amazing contributions that young people make to their communities 365 days of the year. As the largest service event in the world and YSA's premier program, it draws together a remarkable consortium of local, regional, national, and international partners. Mr. Culbertson developed the parallel Global Youth Service Day program in 2000, which Youth Service America now coordinates in more than 100 countries.

Mr. Culbertson led the launch of SERVEnet (http://www.servenet.org/) in 1996, providing the largest database of volunteer opportunities in America and myriad resources for volunteers and nonprofit organizations. He launched YSA's website (http://www.ysa.org/) soon thereafter.

Mr. Culbertson is a strong proponent for starting young people at an early age in addressing the unmet needs of their communities, as both a strategy for academic and civic education, as well as personal development. He believes that youth-voice and participation are critical in any decision-making that affects them, and that healthy communities must intentionally engage youth at all levels. Four young people serve on Youth Service's America Board of Directors.

For most of his career, Mr. Culbertson has worked in the strategic development of American nonprofit organizations. Prior to YSA, he worked with the Environmental Defense Fund to organize the Heinz Center for Science, Economics, and the Environment. Previously, Mr. Culbertson was Vice President for Development and College Relations at Connecticut College, and Vice President for Marketing at Sumner Rahr & Company in Chicago, specializing in philanthropic support, communications, and strategic planning for nonprofits. He began his career as Director of Communications for the Chi Psi Educational Trust in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Mr. Culbertson has been an active volunteer since childhood with service organizations ranging from Rotary International and the Boy Scouts of America to the Episcopal Church and the Lawrence Hall School. He is a Trustee for America's Promise, and serves on the boards of the National Service-Learning Partnership, America's Fund for Communities, and Youth Service America. He was born in Bitburg, Germany, grew up in Amherst, Massachusetts, and has a degree in both English and French from Hamilton College.

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Dave Wenhold, Secretary/Director

Dave Wenhold

Dave Wenhold Dave grew up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and received his Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Keene State College, NH. Dave then served as an aide for U.S. Senator Warren Rudman. After working for Rudman, he worked on many political campaigns at the federal, state and local levels.

Dave took a position with the Direct Impact Company, a premier grassroots lobbying firm in Washington that specializes in strategic planning, analysis, implementation and troubleshooting for legislative campaigns. Dave was responsible for over 75 grassroots campaigns during his four year tenure with the company and ran campaigns for many industries including defense, healthcare, manufacturing and private companies. These efforts resulted in billions of dollars for Direct Impact's clients.

Dave then became the Director of Government Relations and Public Policy at the National Court Reporters Association where he has been successful in lobbying the Judicial Branch, the Executive Branch and convinced Congress to earmark tens of millions of dollars for the court reporting profession.

In addition to his work for his firm, Dave serves as the First Vice President of the American League of Lobbyists, an association representing the lobbying community. He is the founder of the ALL Capitol PurSuit Drive that holds an annual clothing drive on Capitol Hill for those American's trying to re-enter the workforce. In three years, he was able to collect over 23,000 suits in just three days from Members of Congress, the White House and the lobbying and association communities. In recognition of his work with the Capitol PurSuit Drive he recently received the Presidential Call to Service Award, which was given to him by the White House and is the highest level of citizen volunteerism in America. He and his associate are the only two lobbyists to ever receive this honor. Also, Dave has also recently served on the American Society of Association Executives Government Relations Council and was recently selected as one of ASAE's Future Leaders of America.

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Donovan Wilson, COO/Director

Donovan Wilson

This well-rounded director has spent the last two years of his 15-year Verizon career with the Verizon Foundation. Prior to that, he worked in advertising, marketing, public relations, internal communications, and sales. With a master's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri, and a bachelor's from Brandeis University, Donovan is most comfortable when communicating with others. Indeed, his communications expertise and liberal arts background are evident in the overall design and content of the Verizon Foundation Web site. Donovan attributes the success of this Web site to three words: "Innovation, Innovation, Innovation." The native Jamaican is always looking for ways to make the Verizon Foundation's communications channel more informative - but interesting and different. The Verizon Foundation Web site has achieved "Best-In-Class" status among corporate foundation Web sites.

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Alex Shan - Chief Executive Officer Jolera Inc.

Alex Shan

Alex Shan is currently the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) of Jolera Inc. (Jolera), a leading information technology consulting company-- ranked in the top 50 of Profit 100 fastest growing companies in Canada (Profit Magazine, June 2008).

Alex brings a unique business acumen coupled with an extensive background in technology innovation and solutions delivery to Jolera. He is an insightful and strong leader, with the ability to motivate teams and consistently deliver results.

Over the years Alex has served in sales, technical and management capacities at various solutions delivery organizations in North America including IBM Canada. Upon realizing that his true strength has been an undying entrepreneurial spirit, Alex went on to co-found and help in the building of many successful companies.

Alex has appeared on television as an expert in the area of business computing trends on multiple occasions and has been published by PROFIT Magazine in the on the topic of business management.

Jolera provides a wide range of IT services including strategic consulting and support, I.T. project management and SharePoint development services. A key segment for Jolera since its inception has been to provide IT services to NGO's and charitable organizations. Jolera is a "Green" information technology company.

Jolera Inc. headquartered in Toronto, Ontario Canada provides services across North America and internationally. For more information visit www.jolera.com or contact Alex Shan at alexs@jolera.com.

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John Murcott

Mark Fasciano John started Karma411, a social networking site that raises money for nonprofits, with his business partner Mark Fasciano in 2007. He is responsible for product development and runs the engineering and QA efforts on the site. He works with non-profits to get them started in the Web 2.0 world and reach out to their first supporters. He is also responsible for Marketing and Public Relations.

John Murcott led the FatWire Products Group and Engineering Team and was responsible for product strategy and direction. He grew an offshore Engineering team in Hyderabad, India to support development and QA processes for the Product. He is an expert on Persuasive Content Centric Applications and has spoken many times on personalization strategies and targeted marketing best practices.

Prior to running Products and Engineering, John started and ran FatWire Professional Services, which was responsible for 100% revenue growth for three years and provided most of the original funding for the company before the first round of capital was raised.

Before joining FatWire, John worked for Andersen Consulting, where he managed development teams that connected consumer services to large commercial databases for telecommunications clients. John received his MBA from the University of Maryland with a concentration in Information Technology and Operations Management.

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Kevin Danaher

Dr. Kevin Danaher is a co-founder of Global Exchange (1988), founder and Executive Co-Producer of the Green Festivals (2001), and Executive Director of the Global Citizen Center (2004). He was the founding Board Chair of TransFairUSA, the fair trade certifying agency for the United States. Kevin received his PhD in sociology from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and his BA from Sonoma State University. He is the author and/or editor of 11 books, including his latest, with Jason Mark and Shannon Biggs, Building the Green Economy: Success Stories from the Grassroots, published in 2007 by PoliPoint Press.

Kevin's current projects include the Green Festivals (www.greenfestivals.org), a weekend gathering (co-produced with Coop America) of 400 green companies, nonprofit social change organizations, more than 100 exciting speakers, organic vegetarian restaurants, diverse live music and much more. His other project is the Global Citizen Center (globalcitizencenter.org), which is developing a 120,000sf nonprofit building that is bringing together green retail, a restaurant, offices of nonprofit social justice and environmental organizations, event spaces, and affordable housing for teachers and first responders in a downtown location in San Francisco. This building is being developed as a prototype that can be replicated in other cities around the world to unite the green economy movement.


It is GreenNonprofits' mission to create and support the global movement that educates, assists, and certifies Nonprofits/NGOs in becoming environmentally friendly.


  • The global environment improves as a result of the nonprofit sector taking action
  • Nonprofits become part of environmental solutions and successfully respond to funder and donor demands

GreenNonprofits will lead the way in helping nonprofits/NGOs around the world meet this challenge.


The Nonprofit Guide to Going Green

Nonprofit Guide to Going Green is your comprehensive learning tool to guide nonprofits and NGOs towards becoming greener. A desktop reference for any charitable organization to become greener, this essential book gives your organization the support it needs to take proactive steps to protect the environment while fulfilling its mission.

The definitive, practical, go-to resource guide on helping all charities become more "green".

What We Do

By assuming a leadership and environmental stewardship role, GreenNonprofits is available for all nonprofit organizations and NGOs around the world who wish to become more Green and to demostrate that effort to their supporters, staff and community. As these organizations reach their goal of making a true difference for the enviroment, we provide education, encouragement and certification of their efforts.

GreenNonprofits educates and encourages nonprofit organizations and NGOs to:

  • Reduce solid waste disposal and promote recycling
  • Become energy and water efficient
  • Purchase products that are less harmful to human health and the environment
  • Minimize pollution contributions to the environment
  • Help improve indoor air quality and reduce smog formation
  • Educate your supporters, employees, and other Nonprofits/NGO about GreenNonprofit practices


Mark Fasciano, Chairman/Director
Matthew Bauer, Vice Chairman
Ted Hart, CEO/President/Director
Steve Culbertson, Treasurer/Director
Dave Wenhold, Secretary/Director
Donovan Wilson, COO/Director
Alex Shan, Director

Sage Counsel Advisory Panel

Cindy Adams, Grantstation
Nicci Noble, niccinoble.com
John Murcott, Karma411
Kevin Danaher, GreenFestivals


Dianne Peach, Executive Director
Megan Wills, Assistant Finance Coordinator

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