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The GreenNonprofits certification process is a comprehensive process of evaluation and change. Each organization is required to complete the certification application either online or by downloading the application and emailing the finished application to GreenNonprofits. You are asked to try and avoid printing the application and thereby remain true to our "going green" mission.

While each charity will earn 100 points by completing the required and elective requirements, each path to certification is unique to each nonprofit or NGO. By becoming certified your organization, when combined with the efforts of others, will make a significant difference to help our environment, while showing your donors and supporters your organization is part of the solution to the growing global environmental crisis.

To Get Started:
Click here to download the PDF certification document or Click here to complete the online certification

To Re-Certify:
Click here to download the PDF re-certification document

There is no cost to start your certification, today. It could take weeks, months, or more to achieve certification. It all depends on how much time you are willing to give towards making the necessary business operation changes. Start your profile today, your goal is to make enough changes and document your green efforts until you earn 100 points. At that point you then submit your application for review along with the appropriate application fee according to the fee schedule printed on the application. If all is in order, you will become our newest GreenNonprofit.

  • Click here for a list of our proud Certified GreenNonprofits
  • Click here for a copy of our Policy on GreenNonprofit Certification Enforcement Honor System
  • Why should I become certified?

  • It provides easy to understand guidelines.
  • It's a concrete path towards making the
    necessary changes of becoming Green[er]
  • Your Supporters will be proud of you
  • Because the Environment needs you!
  • It's achievable
  • Honor System and Enforcement

    The GreenNonprofits Certification Program is based on the honor system. This means that as a member, GreenNonprofits, Inc trusts you or your organization to submit only factual information.

    However, any member or organization of GreenNonprofits may challenge the certification of other members or organizations, stating specifically why the organization in question is not in compliance with GreenNonprofits' standards.

    If you or your organization sees the need to challenge the honesty of another, then please email us at honorsystem@greennonprofits.org. GreenNonprofits will then review the matter and take action as deemed appropriate.

    If necessary, the certified organization in question may be required to provide additional information to the GreenNonprofits Board and/or make arrangements for a site visit.

    Any members and/or organizations that are found to be dishonest can result in extension of certification, suspension, or removal of certification. All decisions made by the GreenNonprofits Board of Directors are final.

    View the full Honor System Code here.


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